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Group of former Federal judges  providing strategic advice


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Now, more than ever, Corporate America is falling under heavy scrutiny. Major decisions are often made without a realistic sense of how a court might view such action in the future.  Obtaining such a perspective could be crucial not only to avoid costly mistakes, but also to bring clarity to the decision-making process and help ensure corporations continue on the “right path,” legally, ethically, and financially. 

Law firms as well could benefit from helpful and realistic assessment of their litigation strategies  before the choices of options disappear with court filings.

The Gavel Consulting Group is a unique advisory group that brings decades of judicial and government experience to offer a reasonable view of the potential outcomes for legal or corporate actions.  These services are particularly cogent in view of the current difficulties of America's market system.


             The Board of Consultants for the Group:

The Hon. William S. Sessions

The Hon. Stanley Sporkin

The Hon. Eugene R. Sullivan

 The Hon. William H. Webster


For additional information:

Contact Judge Eugene Sullivan (ret) at
or (202) 390-5959