Gavel Consulting Group
Group of former Federal judges  providing strategic advice


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Who We Are

An “on-call” group of  former Federal judges who can provide strategic advice to corporations and law firms on anticipated actions in business, litigation, and investigations.  The Group will also provide pro bono services to foreign governments, professional organizations, universities, and U.S. Government agencies.  Its members bring a wealth of experience from the Federal bench and service at the highest levels of government.  Besides their judicial experience, group members include:

·        Three former Directors of the FBI

·        A former Director of the CIA

·        A former Independent Counsel

·        A former Solicitor General

·        Two former United States Attorneys

·        Former head of the SEC Enforcement Division

·        Two former General Counsels -- the CIA and the U.S. Air Force

·        A former General Counsel of a global bank 

The Group will study existing and proposed corporate or legal actions and procedures in order to give a realistic assessment of threats and options.  For addressing business issues, the Group has its Board of Business Advisors, prominent leaders of Corporate America, who will furnish appropriate advice and counsel.

Our concept is a step beyond traditional consultant services. The Group is a purely independent advisor for the decision-maker--an advisor with depth of experience and no stake in the outcome of the proposed action.


For additional information:

Contact Judge Eugene Sullivan (ret) at
or (202) 390-5959